Cool Easter Gifts

Peter BrownFeb, 2011

Cool Easter Gifts

While Easter may not be a major gift-giving holiday, Easter gifts are a playful way to mark the season and a delightful surprise for children or adults. Try classic toys as an Easter gift, or choose a practical but enjoyable outdoor gift to celebrate the return of warmer weather.


Classic Easter gifts include candy and stuffed toys. While ducks and bunnies are a traditional choice, brighten up the kids' Easter baskets with a fun pillow or blanket-style stuffed toy like RedEnvelope's Zoobies. Skip the chocolate bunny in favor of quality chocolate bars or an array of retro candies for an adult. Try unusual flavors of jellybeans or gummy candy for the kids.

Gifts for Her

If she's a bit too old for a bunny or you'd like something meaningful this year, try a new twist on Easter gifts. A new, but affordable, piece of springtime jewelry is a beautiful Easter gift option. Try the Faberge Egg Necklace at RedEnvelope to add a touch of color to her spring wardrobe. Colorful stones, including birthstones, add color to necklaces, bracelets or rings. If she's not a fan of jewelry or you'd like a less-expensive option, flowers or a houseplant make a lovely Easter gift.

Go Outdoors

Outdoor gifts are ideal for Easter. Springtime brings both work and play in the yard and garden. Try outdoor toys for the kids, including balls, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Adults might appreciate gardening supplies or tools, outdoor barware, or even hiking and camping gear. Seeds and spring plants are an inexpensive option, especially if your climate allows for early spring planting.

Presents for Him

If you'd like to fill a basket for the man in your life, try new grilling supplies, an array of micro-brewed beers or gear for a favorite hobby. Hiking supplies or small camping items fit into a traditional basket for a cute and playful presentation. If he likes to cook, consider gourmet sauces or even the supplies for a springtime meal.

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