Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Couples

Anna ScanlonNovember 19, 2010


If you've got a young couple on your list this holiday, then shopping for them can be extremely simple. Many young couples are just starting out and may need household necessities that you can provide with your Christmas gift for a couple.

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Serving Set

Every hostess needs a entertainer serving set, and the young couple on your list may be lacking just that. Serving sets come in a variety of shapes and colors at a variety of price points. For the more festive young couple, purchase them a colorful set for their parties. A classic couple may appreciate a more classic approach such as black, white or clear serving sets. RedEnvelope offers a serving set of appetizer plates made in the cubist fashion.

Kitchen Utensils

Grilling utensils, available at a variety of price points, make a great Christmas gift for the young couple just establishing their household. Purchase the young couple on your list a set of kitchen utensils to help get them started. You can also purchase them items such as measuring cups and fill them with candy to make them both yummy and useful. RedEnvelope offers a cute set of heart-shaped measuring cups that capture a young couple's love as well as serving a need.


Help a young couple bond by giving them a cook book they can use together. If the young couple is in your family, have older couples send you a recipe. Type up all of the recipes and bind them together at your local copy store. You can also purchase cookbooks geared specifically for couples such as "Table for Two: The Cookbook for Couples" by Warren Caterson or "Dinner Dates" by Martha Cotton. RedEnvelope offers a cooking kit for newlyweds which includes two cooking aprons (personalized with last names) and "The Newlyweds' Cookbook."

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