Christmas Gift Ideas for a Mother-in-Law

Anna ScanlonNovember 14, 2010


Finding the perfect Christmas gift to give your mother-in-law can be stressful, but with just a little bit of research you can send a gift she'll be sure to remember. Help her commemorate this Christmas with an item that shows off her grandchildren, helps her feel pretty, or just offers a fun and unique take on the average gift.

Santa's Workshop Tree
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Give your mother-in-law a gift that will allow her to keep her family members close to her at all times, such as a sentimental locket. Lockets come in all shapes and in different forms of jewelry. They can come in the form of a necklace, bracelet, key chain or cuff links, making it a versatile but sentimental gift. RedEnvelope offers a variety of locket gifts, including a locket key chain, perfect for the woman who wants to keep her family close without wearing jewelry. Simply choose a picture to place in the locket, shrink it and place it inside.


Everyone deserves a break, and that includes mother-in-laws too! Purchase your mother-in-law a spa terry cloth robe to help her relax on her days off and allow her to sink into a deep relaxation. You can purchase robes at almost any department store, at any price point, making them excellent for any budget. While soft materials like terry cloth often work best, purchase a material and color she loves to make it truly "her". RedEnvelope offers a variety of robes, including an organic cotton kimono robe, which comes in a choice of three colors.

Jewelry Portfolio

If your mother-in-law is always on the go, or has a variety of jewelry she can't quite keep organized, purchase her a jewelry portfolio. Jewelry portfolios look much like paper portfolios and give her a space to place necklaces and bracelets securely. RedEnvelope offers a jewelry portfolio, complete with a leather-exterior and a zippered pocket to keep loose jewelry safe. This product comes in a choice of red or brown.