Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Mark Rhyman Oct 1, 2010


In one of the great ironies of life, there comes a point where your parents no longer hem and haw over what to get you for Christmas, but instead you have to rack your brain to come up with the perfect present for them. Shopping for a parent can be difficult because more often than not they either don't seem to know what they want or don't feel comfortable asking for anything. This leaves you to your own devices. But don't be discouraged finding a suitable Christmas gift can be accomplished with a bit of thought and commitment.

Gift Baskets

A Christmas gift basket is a great option if you aren't exactly sure what your parent or parents might want for Christmas. This gives you the opportunity to include enough items that something is bound to hit. If you find yourself particularly stumped, you can always opt for a pre-made basket. RedEnvelope offers a number of these, such as the Deluxe Rose Petal Spa Basket (better for mothers than fathers) and the Healthy Food Gift Basket. You can buy a pre-made basket and add some extras to make the present more specific to them and more meaningful as well.

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Destination Gifts

The gift of a paid vacation or cruise for the two of them can be considered for those looking to go in on something with siblings. If this isn't an option you can just give them the gift of a night out. Give them some movie passes and gift certificates for a fancy restaurant, or just a personal favorite spot. You may want to give this to them early enough so that they can enjoy their evening out on their actual anniversary night. Of course they can always use it another night if you won't be able to make that happen.


Photography presents offer the chance to give the gift of memories and the promise of preserving the past. Purchase some nice frames that will match their furniture and personal style and place old and current pictures of yourself and your siblings, your parents, and any grandchildren they may have. RedEnvelope carries many frames that may suit your needs. Digital picture displays are another popular option. You can load pictures onto it yourself before giving it to them. This should especially be done if your parents are not very technologically proficient. An alternative or supplement to this present would be to set up a session with a professional photographer. This can either be just for the two of them or for the whole family.