Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

Anna ScanlonDecember, 2010

Employee Christmas Gift Overview

This Christmas, show your employees how important they are to you and your company by giving them a specialemployee christmas gift. Giving a gift to an employee doesn't have to be personal, but it should remind them that you view them as an asset to your team.

6-pack beer wisdom glass set
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Sunday Brunch


Holiday food gifts can be made in large quantities, which makes them ideal for employees. Bake cookies from your favorite recipe (sugar cookies are generally a favorite around Christmas), make a scrumptious cake, or put handfuls of candy into small paper baggies and tie them off with a festive Christmas ribbon. If you don't have time to make a food gift, RedEnvelope offers a wide array of food gifts from cookies to cupcakes, which can be purchased with one click of your mouse.

Wine Gifts

Wine openers are a convenient gift that come in handy in anyone's home. They can be purchased easily at wine or liquor stores and individually wrapped to make them more festive. Purchase wine openers in each employee's favorite color or purchase a wine opener with a theme, such as a soccer ball. RedEnvelope offers a L'Atelier du Vin twist opener that is made in France and finished with pink matte plastic.

Key Chains

Key chains can be purchased in a variety of precious metals, or with a brushed-nickel or polished brass finish. They can even be purchased at many different price points, making this a great gift for any budget. RedEnvelope offers a silver-plated locket key chain, which offers a place for your employees to place pictures of their loved ones and can be easily customized with initials.

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