Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

Anna ScanlonAugust 3rd, 2010


This holiday give unique Christmas gifts for Mom and Dad that are truly original and unforgettable. Use this gift as opportunity to show them how much you appreciate how much they've done for you in your lifetime. Give them a present that will promote family bonding or a practical gift that they can use throughout the year.

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Personalized Photo Frame

One of the best gifts for parents can be a photo frame made out of precious metal or brushed-nickel that is personalized. Have it engraved with your family's name, with a quote special to your family, or a date that commemorates a special occasion. Find one of your parents' favorite family photos and insert it into the frame, wrap it up and put it under your parents' tree this year. RedEnvelope offers many styles that have ample space under the picture that can accommodate messaging up to four lines.

Family Tree Photo Frame

Help your parents remember their ancestors and descendants with a family tree photo frame. Available at most stores that sell picture frames, these special frames offer a place for you to put pictures of your loved ones in chronological order by age. Depending on the size of the frame, you may have to shrink the pictures before putting them in the frame. RedEnvelope offers a small brushed-nickel photo frame, in the shape of a tree, that allows for 13 small photos.

Family Art

Give your parents a sculpture, in the form of a candle holder, magnet or free standing work of art, that signifies a family. This can take the form of figurines of a family to a work featuring a family holding hands in a circle. RedEnvelope offers a brushed-nickel family votive holder that features the likeness of a family holding hands surrounding a flame. The bottom of the sculpture may be engraved with up to two lines of characters or words.

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