Ideas for Christian Valentines

Bob DobDec, 2010

According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, not one but three Saint Valentine's deserve commemoration on February 14. In life, each Saint Valentine represented the ideas of marital, brotherly and godly love. Today, some Christians, celebrate brotherly love through the giving of Valentine presents.

Red and White Flowers

Red represents the blood of Christ, while white represents pure love. Give gifts of red and white flowers for Valentine's Day. RedEnvelope has arrangements of red and white fresh flowers which can be delivered to your loved one's door. Purchase a half dozen red roses and a half dozen white carnations. Or buy a single red and white flower wrapped in red tissue.

Paper Gifts

Send paper Valentine cards to Christians on Valentine's. Buy cards with Bible verses or pictures of angels printed on them. For book lovers, buy a leather-bound Bible, Fox's Book of Martyrs, or a devotional book. Appropriate for anyone: a collection of Christian love poems. Purchase a copy of the Psalms with an insightful commentary. Buy a journal with a red cover and some red pens. Other ideas include a box of heart-shaped note cards and Valentine bookmarks.

Garden Gifts

For the Christian who has a prayer garden, give garden-themed gifts like heart-shaped paving stones personalized with the recipient's name. RedEnvelope carries a heart-shaped garden stone that your loved one can add a hand print or name to. Other soothing gifts for the garden include copper rain chains, a hummingbird feeder or Christian statuary.

Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry gifts are good choices for people who like wearing iconic images. Fortunately, there are many pendants to choose from such as crucifixes, angel's wings and the Christian-menorah fish. Buy a silver or gold necklace with a pendant in a matching tone. Other gift ideas include dangling cross earrings or a Christian charm bracelet.

Christian Pictures

Valentine's Day, to Christians, represent Christ's love to the world. For those who like religious pictures, buy a picture depicting a demonstration of Christ's love. Good subjects to choose from include the Good Shepherd, Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman, and Jesus healing the sick. Purchase porcelain figures of Saint Valentine or the Apostle John. Other art subjects appropriate for Valentine's Day include Jesus blessing the children or fishing with his friends.

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