Bronze Anniversary Gifts for Women

Anna ScanlonAugust 15, 2010


A bronze anniversary present is what is traditionally given to couples or a spouse on the eighth anniversary. When giving a bronze gift to your wife or friend, remember to get creative. The gift doesn't have to be stuffy and reek of tradition. Instead, keep it fun, light and useful.

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Bronze jewelry isn't always the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of something to purchase. However, bronze jewelry can add a touch of elegance, class and a bit of edge to any outfit. RedEnvelope offers the ancient Greek-inspired Demeter necklace made of bronze and patina. With decorative leafy patterns and a copper oval chain, this necklace will add a touch of fun to any outfit she decides to wear it with.

Flowers and Flower Pot

If your wife is into flowers and gardening, a flower in a bronze flowerpot will be a much-appreciated gift. If you want to go the extra mile in terms of fitting themes, buy her some clematis flowers to put in the bronze pot, as these are traditionally associated with the eighth anniversary. You can buy a beautiful bronze pot at almost any garden supply store, and she can place it outside in her garden. Although the flowers may change, the pot will remind her of you and your eighth anniversary for years to come.

Wind Chimes

For the lady who loves the sound of wind chimes as a soft breeze blows by as she sits outside, bronze chimes are the perfect present. Most garden and outdoor supply stores will carry bronze wind chimes, and they come in a variety of sounds, shapes and sizes. Buy something smaller if you'll be placing the wind chimes on a tiny terrace of an apartment and something a little bit bigger for the chimes that will decorate a patio. Each time she hears the tinkle of the chimes, she'll be reminded of your eighth anniversary.