Breast Cancer Survivor Gifts For A Mother

Anna ScanlonSeptember 1st, 2010


If your mother has survived breast cancer, chances are she's a brave woman who's faced a long line of battles and would like to see the disease squashed for good. Purchase her a gift to help commemorate her struggle, or one in which the gift proceeds go to breast cancer research to ensure the disease is cured once and for all.


Many florists (both online and off), offer bouquets featuring pink flowers (the color of breast cancer research) which commemorate your mother's fight against the disease. In addition, many of them partner with breast cancer research so that a portion of the money you spend on your mother's bouquet will go to help find a cure for this terrible disease. RedEnvelope has partnered with Kormen for the Cure and offers a variety of bouquets that can be sent to your mother, with 10 percent going directly to breast cancer research.


Breast cancer associations, like Susan G. Kormen for a Cure, offer many different commemorative jewelry options to promote awareness of breast cancer and provide funding for breast cancer research. Jewelry like a pink bracelet or necklace with a heart pendent will help your mother commemorate and remember her fight against cancer, while you help fund the cure. RedEnvelope has partnered with Komen for a Cure, featuring their Komen ribbon heart necklace, a beautiful heart pendant hand crafted from rose quartz on a sterling-silver rope, featuring a breast cancer ribbon on the heart. A portion of the sales go to the Komen for a Cure foundation.


Celebrate your mother's life with one of life's best luxuries: baked goods and sweets. Gather up several pink candies for your mom, including pink jelly beans, cupcakes with pink frosting or sugar cookies with pink icing and place them in a nice container to celebrate. Or, you can purchase from one of the many bakeries that has partnered with the Komen for a Cure organization to donate to breast cancer. RedEnvelope offers hand-dipped pink ribbon giant strawberries, made to order, with a portion of the proceeds going to Komen for a Cure.

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