What to get your Boyfriend's Mother

Anna ScanlonNov, 2010


When giving a gift to your boyfriend's mom , especially when you think she may become your mother-in-law, remember to keep it simple and tasteful. Buy her something she'll enjoy using and that will show her how thoughtful you are. Now is a great time to start building a bond with a woman who may be very important to your future.

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Baked Goods and Candy

You've heard the saying "sweets for the sweet," so treat her to her favorite candy or gift basket . Ask your boyfriend what his mom prefers, and then bake her a batch of her favorite cookies, cupcakes or candies. Place them in a decorative tin and give them to her next time you see her. If you're unsure about your baking abilities, simply order treats from your local bakery or have RedEnvelope deliver them.

Fruit Basket

If his mom is watching her weight or can't eat sweets, give her a delightful fruit basket. Purchase a basket at a craft store and then fill it with mouth-watering fruits. When doing so, be sure to add fruits and cheese to keep it diverse and festive. If she also drinks wine, ask your boyfriend what kind she's prefer and include a bottle in the basket. RedEnvelope also offers some delightful gift baskets sure to please.

Spa Gift Basket

Spa gift baskets are a great way to show someone how much you appreciate her. Help his mom relax with a spa gift basket. You can find them at many bath supply stores and they often include items such as loofahs, soaps, lotions and body scrubs. Sometimes they are packaged in a particular scent, like RedEnvelope's rose petal spa kit, and sometimes they come in an array of scents. Ask your boyfriend what he thinks his mom would prefer, and purchase her a relaxing and fun spa kit.

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