The Best White Elephant Christmas Gifts

Anna ScanlonMay 13, 2010


White elephant gifts are typically given at gift exchanges at the workplace, school or within a group of friends or family members around the winter holidays. The term "white elephant" signifies that what you'll give and receive are funky, over-the-top, wacky, funny or tongue-in-cheek items. This year, give a friend, family member or coworker a good laugh or smile with something he or she would typically never receive.

Nickname Gifts

If you think nicknames are silly or embarrassing, immortalize them on a white elephant gift. Have the nickname put onto a t-shirt or sticker at a print store that specializes in screening items. RedEnvelope offers a set of personalized nickname coffee mugs that allow you to place any name on a set of two cups. Split the items up and give them to two different people, or save one for yourself and one for friend.

cashmere tonal hi low tunic
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Beer Holster

If you know someone who can't seem to go anywhere without a beer in hand, consider the beer holster. This is a classic white elephant. It looks and functions much like an old-fashioned gun holster, but instead of space for your shotgun, it gives the wearer space for his bottle of beer. RedEnvelope offers a leather version with adjustable straps around the waist and thigh.

Team Hammers

If you know someone who is extra handy, buy a personalized hammer featuring his favorite sports team or alma mater. Extra points go to giving it to someone who doesn't have an interest in sports or construction activities whatsoever, or for the receiver who gets his or her rival team or school on the tool. RedEnvelope offers custom baseball and football hammers that feature one of seven teams.

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