Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

Mark Rhyman September 3, 2010


You've probably heard the term "a woman's touch," as in, "Wow, this place could use a woman's touch." Many men are great home decorators, but others, not so much. A housewarming gift for a man can help spruce up his new digs. Just make sure you keep his interests in mind.

House Plant

It may seem cliche, but a plant makes for a great housewarming gift for a man with a new home or apartment. Plants not only make a house more warm and welcoming, they also purify the air. RedEnvelope carries a money tree, which is known for having air purifying abilities. If the guy you're shopping for has a tendency to let his houseplants die, give him a cactus. Cacti require very little attention. Add a bit of flare by putting it in a nice pot.

Holiday Tradition
$39.99 $29.99

Kitchen Gadget

Despite the stereotypes, many men enjoy cooking. Those who don't like to cook have to suck it up and do it occasionally, or, failing that, get someone (perhaps a wife or girlfriend) to do it for them. In any event, they could probably use a few helpful kitchen gadgets to make the cooking and cleaning work a bit easier. Since many utensils are already widely owned, such as blenders and coffee makers, try for something a bit more original, like a food dehydrator or espresso machine. Another great option is a home beer brewing kit. He can enjoy learning how to brew his own beer with a Mr. Brew Kit, which steps him through how to brew and enjoy tasty suds.

Home Furnishings

Home furnishings are another popular choice. Most people steer clear of these gifts, figuring they will be too expensive, but more inexpensive items can be found and purchased. Less expensive gifts include art-gallery picture frames, art prints, desk sets and small pieces of furniture. It helps if you have a general idea of the kinds of furnishings already in the home.

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