The Best Holiday Food Gifts

Linda RayJune 27, 2010


You can't go wrong with holiday food gifts, especially if you know a little bit about the recipient's tastes. The best Christmas gifts are holiday food gifts for chocolate lovers are exquisite candies and cakes made of the finest chocolate one rarely buys for oneself. Hearty eaters appreciate baskets of meat or cheese and those with a fondness for salty snacks find the tins of pretzels and chips the best kinds of gifts.


Chocolate has a long history full of romance and psychological tales. Chocolate makes for one of the best gifts at the holidays because even folks who don't imbibe at other times of the year, allow their taste buds the pleasure known to the ancient Greeks as food from the gods. Give a gift of Godiva from RedEnvelope that will be among the best gifts this holiday. The Godiva Indulgence Basket is full of every kind of sweetness a chocolate lover could find. Two pounds of plain ol' fashioned fudge from RedEnvelope might just make a hit as the favorite of the holiday as well. For those who might like to share their favorite treat, consider four decadent red velvet cupcakes that have a creamy chocolate center from RedEnvelope.


A gift that lasts for a little while might just make the favorite list if it's full of the recipient's favorite sourdough pretzels or cheesy popcorn. Then again, the best kinds of snacks like cashews, peanuts and mixed nuts might not last through the day. Look for tins decorated with sports teams or outdoor themes. Consider a nut of the month club for the snack lover to get the best gift 12 times a year. Make a really memorable presentation with the best of all the snacks that's available in the snack attack tray of goodies from RedEnvelope. The sampler includes everything from pistachios and honey toffee peanuts to sesame sticks, trail mix and smokehouse almonds.

Food Baskets

Food baskets make great gifts for those who like to get the best of everything. Put together a handpicked basket from the supermarket filled with meat and cheese, crackers, sweets, drinks and fruit to provide a meal your friend or loved one won't forget. Consider healthy friends who prefer to munch on their favorite fruit during the holidays and look for baskets that contain gourmet fruits like cherries, strawberries and fancy pears. The Cherry Moon Treasures food basket from RedEnvelope provides the best from a number of food groups. In it you'll find succulent pears, cheese, crackers, nuts and baklava, treats that will make your gift stand out as one of the best of the season.

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