Baby Pewter Gifts

Anna ScanlonJuly 13, 2010


Pewter baby gifts, which are typically heirloom quality, are great useful gifts for a new baby as well as keepsakes for years down the road. Because of the metal's durableness, the baby in your life will be able to keep a pewter gift for years to come and perhaps even hand it down to his or her own baby.

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Pewter Musical Carousel Frame

Welcome a new baby into your life with a pewter musical carousel frame. These frames, which resemble baby mobiles, typically have space for two or three small pictures. You can include pictures of your family or just the baby in order to cherish the memories of these precious years. RedEnvelope offers a pewter musical mobile that plays Rock-a-Bye-Baby when turned on. As the baby grows, her parents can simply place it somewhere in the home for decoration and a reminder of her baby days.


Pewter rattles, which recall a bit of a vintage feel, can be beautiful keepsakes for a baby. You can buy pewter rattles at a variety of baby stores, but if you're looking for something extra special, consider purchasing an antique pewter rattle from an antique store or vintage shop. You can give the new baby a piece of history that he can play with, and then his parents can store on display for years to come.

Fork and Spoon Set

A pewter fork and spoon set marks the transition from baby food to solid food. RedEnvelope offers lead-free pewter sets that can be engraved with 123s, ABCs or a baby and mama bird. When a child begins to transition to more solid food, she can feel a bit more in control by having her very own special set to use when she begins feeding herself. Like any other pewter item, the gift can then be handed down to young children or placed on display once the child outgrows them and moves on to adult silverware.

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