What Is an Appropriate Engagement Gift?

Sabah KarimiFeb, 2010


When you've been invited to an engagement party or just want to give the couple-to-be a special gift to honor their engagement, you can choose from several personalized gifts that will celebrate the special occasion. Engagement gifts can be both practical and meaningful, and some can be personalized with the couple's initials or names to add a special touch.

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Even though engagement gifts are not required upon the engagement announcement, many people give engagement gifts to congratulate the couple and honor the relationship. Engagement gifts are typically given to both people shortly after the engagement has been announced. You will need to consider the couple's personal tastes, likes and dislikes, and personality traits when selecting an engagement gift. Choose something that they can use after their wedding day.


Engagement gifts can be practical or a luxury item that the couple can use and keep throughout their marriage. Practical gifts may include a set of champagne or wine glasses, traditional photo frames, digital pictures or a set of napkins. RedEnvelope's "Hearts that Love Vase" is an example of a practical engagement gift. Luxury gifts may include a his and hers bath robe set, a personalized photo album, or tickets to a show they would both enjoy. RedEnvelope's Five-Star Terry Robe, which can be personalized with initials, is a good example of a luxury item to give as an engagement gift.

Time Frame

You can present an engagement gift at the engagement party, or have the gift delivered to the couple's home shortly after the formal announcement of the engagement. Some friends and relatives may choose to give the couple their gift privately by inviting the couple out for dinner or to their home for a celebration. The type of relationship you have with the couple will determine when would be the best time to give your gift, but it will generally be within a few days of the engagement announcement.


Practical engagement gifts, such as photo frames, crystal, server ware, accessories and gift cards, typically cost between $25 to $100, depending on the item and brand. Luxury engagement gifts such as personalized bathrobes, cuff links, clothing, concert tickets and other personalized gifts can cost upward of $50. Consider your personal budget and how close you are to the couple when deciding how much to spend on your engagement gift.


You may consider having the engagement gifts professionally gift-wrapped, or present the gift in a beautiful gift bag or basket. Consider attaching a handwritten card or a note to the gift to congratulate the couple about their union. If you only know one of the individuals very well, you may consider giving a personalized gift for that person and giving the other person something less personal.

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