Adult Party Games for Valentine's Day

Kris S. ScottFeb, 2011

Adult Party Games

Valentine's Day has come to be equated with romance and love. Its mysterious beginnings are shrouded in innuendos about secret lovers and those who encouraged their partnerships. According to, Valentine's Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, and provides Americans and people all over the world with an excuse to give presents and party. If you have kids around, hire a sitter to keep them in another room while you play adult games.

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Couples Only

February 14 is a day that you may prefer to reserve for a quiet time for you and your partner. While big parties with kids, family and friends may be all right for some, consider arranging an evening filled with fun games only two should play. After a romantic dinner and the exchange of loving gifts, you can let things develop naturally or start the fun with a game of dice. RedEnvelope offers a set of Get Lucky Dice that are sure to get your quiet party going in the right direction. A group of four pewter dice direct each person to perform little acts of affection on various body parts that can take your get-together to the next level with ease and fun.

Theme Parties

Throw a theme party next Valentine's Day and invite couples to come dressed as their favorite romantic celebrities or historical characters. Give each couple points for costume and creativity. Encourage guests to stay in character throughout the evening as you in the guise of host and judge circulate to appraise the activities. As part of the game portion of the evening, give each couple five or 10 minutes to perform for the group and judge their acts on the basis of the response they receive. Add up all the points and announce your winners before the party is over, giving romantic prizes to the top three winners.

The Newlywed Game

Take a page from television history and re-create a version of "The Newlywed Game" for your guests, most of whom should be coupled up. Write a number of questions on cards before the party starts. In groups of two or three, ask couples questions about things they should know about their partners. Have one partner write the answers in secret on a pad of paper, only to be revealed when all the couples are finished. Give points for right answers. Ask each set of couples three or four questions, and then get another group on the "stage." After everyone has had a chance to play, hold runoffs if you have ties and award the winning couple a fabulously creative romantic prize.

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