30th Birthday Gifts for Him

Anna ScanlonJune 22, 2010


A 30th birthday for him is usually a special day and you'll want to honor a special guy on your list with something unique and different. In order to make his gift truly special, purchase him something you know he'll want to use all year round.

Personalized Golf Club Links

If your special guy loves playing golf, consider purchasing him personalized golf links. This unique gift easily snaps onto the top of a golf club, allowing you to personalize the clubs with an initial or an entire name and address. RedEnvelope offers a set of fourteen personalized golf club links (each made of brushed-silver or brushed-gold) and a ball marker.

Bottle Openers

Many young men enjoy a good beer, so treat him to the gift that keeps on giving: a beer bottle opener. If you're purchasing one for a birthday, consider one that coordinates with his hobbies, such as a bottle opener shaped like a soccer ball, basketball or anything else he loves. RedEnvelope offers a selection of bottle openers, including one made of bike chains and one shaped like golf clubs.

Charging Station

Perfect for the business man, a charging station allows the guy on the go to charge all of his electronics at once. RedEnvelope offers a portable charging station compatible with over 1,500 devices with 12 built-in connectors. The charging station can also be used as a catch all.

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