15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Jan StephensonJune 20, 2010


Your 15th anniversary is a big milestone in a marriage, as it commemorates a decade and a half of life shared between you and your husband or wife. For such a milestone, the 15th anniversary gift is quite important to fully capture the memories of your marriage. The traditional anniversary gift list recommends a gift of crystal, whereas the modern list recommends a gift of watches.

Crystal Ideas

From crystal statues to crystal chandeliers to crystal jewelry, there are plenty of gift ideas. The trick is to get a gift that your partner would like regardless of the occasion. Ask yourself if your spouse would like it as a birthday gift before you purchase it for an anniversary. Although birthdays and anniversaries do not necessarily warrant the same kinds of gifts, this can give you a better idea of whether the crystal gift that you are considering is a good idea. Also consider letting the crystal take a backseat in your plans, and simply purchase a pair of crystal champagne flutes or glasses and plan an evening with your husband or wife drinking a good bottle of champagne and reminiscing over old photographs and videos.

Watch Ideas

While the idea of giving a watch for an anniversary seems self-explanatory, there are plenty of options and interpretations to make this gift a more personal thing. An engraved watch or an expensive watch to wear with formal wear works for some, while others may prefer a watch with special features, such as waterproofing, a compass or the date included on the watch along with the time. Consider a pocket watch too. Have it inscribed with words that captur the essence of your 15 years together. In time, this piece can become a family heirloom in time. If you and your spouse are satisfied with your current watch ownership, use the watch suggestion from the modern list as an excuse to take a trip together to a different time zone. Plan a trip and then buy a watch each for you and your spouse and set them to the time zone that you are traveling to.

Other Gift Ideas

If neither the suggestion of crystal or watches seems right to you, plan something wholly different. For a busy, harried couple, a weekend getaway could be just the thing. For others, a look back could be the most romantic idea. The Story of a Lifetime book, available from RedEnvelope, allows the recipient to fill in details of his or her life and, with its leather covers, will last for years to come.

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