Creative types love to make their mark any way they can. Writer, designers, art directors…they're always looking for ways to make a statement and give everything a unique spin. It's no wonder they're crazy about personalization. It allows them to use their imagination and give gifts a truly personal touch.

Check out a few of the ways our creative team gets personal with personalization.

Personalized pocket compass

“My husband and I met and bonded over, amongst other things, a mutual love of traveling and adventure. In fact our very first encounter was while we both were en route – he was headed East, me West. Luckily we caught up with each other again and decided to spend the rest of our lives traveling together. The personal puzzle map would make a perfect gift for him to remind him of our past adventures. If I were feeling like a particularly awesome wife, I’d also include a little note with it that said, “let’s go.” and tickets to Paris. Oui oui!”

- Leah, RedEnvelope Copywriter

Wine wood bank

“I gave my wife the personalized wine wood bank. It’s awesome to add the memories of the many wines we’ve had to our wall. Especially living in wine country. Hopefully, we’ll remember drinking the wine.”

- Tommy, RedEnvelope Graphic Designer

Chateau Wine Bucket

My mom doesn’t travel as often as she’d like but she loves to fill her home with things that are inspired by places she has yet to see. So I know she’d love the personalized block print linen pillow The exotic print makes it looks like something she might pick up while traveling but the monogram makes it even more personal.”

- Jennifer, RedEnvelope Senior Content Writer

Personalized Pie Dish

“My parents live in the country side in England surrounded by orchards, so my mom is always making apple pies. Over the last 20 years she has been making apple pies, she has perfected her recipe and flakey crust just for our family (we don’t like our apple pies too sweet, and it must be served with fresh warm crème). The personalized pie dish is exactly what I will be buying for my mom on Mother’s Day, personalized just for her: Kathi’s Apple Pie.”

– Jen, RedEnvelope Art Director


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