There is something about summer that makes it perfectly acceptable to have a mid-day cocktail. Perhaps it is because the days are longer, or maybe it's the sultry heat that begs for a response stronger than ice water.

From frozen blender drinks to big batch cocktails meant to be shared, these 33 summer recipes feature seasonal ingredients like fresh berries, stone fruit, citrus and herbs.

Summer Storm

blueberry gin mint cocktail

There’s something special about a summer thunderstorm, the way the heat and humidity build until suddenly the sky bursts in an effort to cool the scorched earth below. It’s the same with the cocktail: layers of gin, soda water and fruit puree, then suddenly a burst of blueberry.

Recipe for Summer Storm from Smith and Ratliff.

Spiked Strawberry Limonade Spritzers

strawberry lemonade spritzer
This recipe makes about a quart of cocktails, just the right amount for sharing with friends or lounging by the pool on a long weekend. One sip of this sweet-and-tart spritzer may still have you wishing for a double-batch.

Recipe for Spiked Strawberry Limonade Spritzers from Soup Addict.

Mint Julep

mint julep

Mint simple syrup is the secret to this recipe for the perfect mint julep. It allows the mint flavor to infuse the entire cocktail in a way that muddling just can’t match. Mix with good, quality bourbon and you’ll understand why folks in the South are so laid back.

Recipe for Mint Julep from Pixelated Crumb.

Cherry Beer Margaritas

Some people swear by all fresh ingredients, but nothing beats store-bought helpers for mixing up a batch of fast cocktails. This recipe features frozen limeade, cherry soda, tequila and your favorite beer for a delightfully pretty drink that’s quick and easy. Mix up a pitcher of drinks and serve in matching pub glasses.

Recipe for Cherry Beer Margaritas from The Blond Cook.

The Americano Cocktail

americano cocktail

While some say that the bitterness of Campari is an acquired taste, the Americano is pleasant introduction. Mix equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth, then top with club soda and garnish with a twist.

Recipe for The Americano Cocktail from Sip High.

Bittersweet Negroni
two negronis

Building on the Americano, a bittersweet Negroni adds gin to the list of ingredients. This version garnishes the drink with kumquats to mirror the sweet-and-sour taste of the cocktail.

Recipe for Bittersweet Negroni from The Cilantropist.

Boozy Rum Horchata

boozy horchata

This Mexican-inspired cocktail is incredibly simple to make. You don’t need any fancy tools or special techniques. It’s just horchata, creamy almond milk and rum. What’s not to love?

Recipe for Boozy Rum Horchata from Minimalist Baker.

Michelada Cocktail Recipe


Mexico’s version of a bloody mary, Micheladas are one of the few drinks you can enjoy before noon without feeling guilty. It’s a spicy accompaniment to tacos and, according to our sources, quite a good cure for hangovers too.

Recipe for Michelada Cocktail Recipe from Leite’s Culinaria.

Meyer Lemon Margarita

meyer lemon margarita

Lower acidity and increased sweetness make Meyer lemons a delicious addition to cocktails — especially margaritas. These citrus gems pair well with tequila and lend floral notes to one of our favorite summer cocktails.

Recipe for Meyer Lemon Margarita from White on Rice Couple.

Mandarin Vodka Spritzer

mandarin vodka spritzer

The citrusy, slightly exotic flavor of mandarin is a natural complement to the effervescence of club soda. Add a splash of vodka and you’ve got a refreshing cocktail to escape the summer heat.

Recipe for Mandarin Vodka Spritzer from A Healthy Life For Me.

Champagne Citrus Punch

sparkling citrus punch

Cocktails are best when composed of simple and fresh ingredients, as in this refreshing punch. Keep the citrus juice chilled and don’t pop the cork until you’re ready to pour. Serves six, so it’s a good recipe to keep on hand for brunches and impromptu gatherings.

Recipe for Champagne Citrus Punch from Sweet Life.

Captain’s Lime Shandy

lime shandy with rum

For many folks, summer is beer weather. When you don’t feel like a beer but you don’t want a cocktail, a shandy is the perfect drink. This recipe replaces lemonade with lime juice and boosts the alcohol quotient with a shot of rum. It has all the heat-quenching drinkability of beer in a pretty cocktail glass.

Recipe for Captain’s Lime Shandy from Katie at the Kitchen Door.

Pimm’s Cup

pimms cup

A Pimm’s Cup combines the casual relaxation of sangria with the genteel provenance of British society’s upper crust. It is, after all, the official drink of Wimbledon. This recipe improves upon the original with bubbly ginger ale and lots of fresh fruit.

Recipe for Pimm’s Cup from The Boys Club.

Peach Grapefruit Sangria

peach grapefruit sangria

Speaking of sangria, this version is filled with fresh peaches and tart grapefruit. Add a bit of carbonation with peach soda or ginger ale and this cocktail is ready for summer. The bite of the citrus is balanced by the peaches, which, because they’re fresh, are not overly sweet.

Recipe for Peach Grapefruit Sangria from Eat. Drink. Love..

Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea
peach sweet tea

Take a trip down south with a sweet tea cocktail. Infused with peaches, layered with lemon and generously dosed with bourbon, this is the kind of cocktail that begs to be sipped all day on the porch.

Recipe for Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea from Host The Toast.

Zucchini Sake

zucchini sake

Here’s a new way to get your veggies! The light, fruity taste of sake is a good complement to summer’s most ubiquitous vegetable — the zucchini. Add a splash of lemon simple syrup for a zing that makes the whole drink go down easy.

Recipe for Zucchini Sake from Carlene Thomas for Swooned.

Ginger Mint Limeade
ginger mint limeade

This refreshing summer libation features an alcohol-optional recipe. With or without the gin, this ginger and mint limeade will give you a reason to look forward to the mid-afternoon heat.

Recipe for Ginger Mint Limeade from The Best Remedy.

Mango Strawberry Swirl Daiquiri

daiquiri swirl

Welcome summer with a paper umbrella and ripe mangoes. This beautiful daiquiri boasts all the colors of a sunset in a frozen cocktail sure to cool off the hottest nights.

Recipe for Mango Strawberry Swirl Daiquiri from Daydreamer Desserts.

Lavender Martini

lavender martini

When it comes to elegant cocktails, few drinks have the class of a martini. Mixed with fresh herbs and lavender syrup, this vodka martini is perfect for happy hour in the garden.

Recipe for Lavender Martini from Making Lemonade.

Long Island Iced Tea

long island iced tea

Did you ever wonder the difference between a Long Beach iced tea and a Long Island iced tea? It’s the mixer: cranberry juice for the former and cola for the later. Try them both and see which you prefer, just maybe not on the same day — with four types of liquor these cocktails pack quite a punch.

Recipe for Long Island Iced Tea from This Girl Walks Into A Bar.

Strawberry Rhubarb Shandy
strawberry rhubarb shandy

Whether it’s pies, cobblers or fresh preserves, strawberry and rhubarb are a summer duo worthy of celebration. So why not make them into a cocktail? This shandy highlights the summer pairing that makes desserts and drinks taste sweeter.

Recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Shandy from Baking a Moment.

Spicy Gin and Cucumber Lemonade

cucumber gin lemonade

This gin-based cocktail is as cool as a cucumber, but also packs a hit of heat thanks to the inclusion of spicy, red pepper lemonade. Cocktails are a balancing act of flavors and this drink juggles it all: heat, sweet, sour and a little crunch from the cucumber.

Recipe for Spicy Gin and Cucumber Lemonade from Heather Christo.

Raspberry Gin Fizz

raspberry gin fizz

Watch out for this sneaky cocktail; it’s deceptively delicious and easy to drink. Muddle raspberries, mint and Lillet to mix the sweet foundation of this gin drink.

Recipe for Raspberry Gin Fizz from The Dandy Life.

Blackberry and Meyer Lemon Gin and Tonics

blackberry lemon gin tonic

If you’re among the lucky few who still have Meyer lemons left on the tree, go and make this cocktail now. If you don’t have access to the sweet version, regular lemons will work just fine, which is great because that means you can enjoy this drink all summer long.

Recipe for Blackberry and Meyer Lemon Gin and Tonics from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Honeydew Melon Gin and Tonic

honeydew gin and tonic

Like strawberries, melons are a summer staple that seems to make any drink, dessert or salad taste better. For example, take a classic gin and tonic, add honeydew melon and voila! Instant refreshment.

Recipe for Honeydew Melon Gin and Tonic from A Cozy Kitchen.

Stone Fruit Sangria

stone fruit sangria

This sangria recipe highlights the bounty of summer with a selection of stone fruits: peaches, nectarines, pluots and apricots. Feel free to experiment with whatever you find at the farmers market. The longer it marinates the better it tastes, but good luck waiting to drink it.

Recipe for Stone Fruit Sangria from The Chic Site.

Blueberry-Mint Daiquiris

blueberry mint daquiris

Want to make frozen concoctions with more flavor? Freeze the berries and use less ice. That’s the trick behind this luscious blueberry daiquiri. This seasonal drink has plenty of fresh ingredients for your summer celebrations.

Recipe for Blueberry-Mint Daiquiris from Boulder Locavore.

Grilled Pineapple Agua Fresca

pineapple agua fresca

Give this agua fresca a grown up kick with smoky mescal or aged rum. The booze is optional, and either way you’ll love the complex flavors that grilling brings to the pineapple. This recipe makes four cups, but you can easily double or triple it.

Recipe for Grilled Pineapple Agua Fresca from The Kitchy Kitchen.

Cherry Pina Colada
cherry pina colada

A maraschino garnish is nice, but we prefer to dress up our pina colada with a splash of cherry juice. The pink color of this recipe makes for an adorable cocktail that tastes better because it’s made from scratch.

Recipe for Cherry Pina Colada from Chantilly.

Mai Tai

mai tai

Mai Tais are like a tropical vacation in a glass. It doesn’t matter where you are, a few sips of rum and citrus will whisk you away to white sandy beaches and ocean breezes. Start with one or mix a big batch for Friday night with the girls.

Recipe for Mai Tai from Meet the Sullivans.

Cucumber and Mint Agua Fresca

cucumber mint vodka

We could go on and on about how healthy this drink is, or talk about how cucumber is great for detoxing the body. But what matters is how delicious it tastes! Good on its own, even better with a shot of rum, make this agua fresca by the pitcher and be happy.

Recipe for Cucumber and Mint Agua Fresca from A Food Lover Living in PV.

Sake Champagne Mojito

sake mojito

Yes, a mojito is usually made with rum. No, there is nothing wrong with this cocktail. In fact, you just may decide that every mojito could benefit from a shot of sake and Champagne. Be adventurous this summer and try a new twist on a classic.

Recipe for Sake Champagne Mojito from Linda Wagner.

Blueberry Mojito

blueberry mojito 1 logo

Tropical drinks and fresh berries are two signs that summer has arrived. Send the signal loud and clear with a cocktail that combines both! This rum-based drink follows a classic mojito recipe with the addition of pureed blueberries.

Recipe for Blueberry Mojito from The Novice Chef.

Seasonal Cocktails for Summer

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