With the holidays behind us, January has become the month of change. While it’s always a little sad to no longer have the glitter and glow of holiday decorations, there is something about a clean and de-cluttered space that makes life a bit brighter. So with thoughts of simplifying and organizing in mind, I want to share something that I’ve recently started doing. This simple method not only keeps me organized, but also allows me to work more efficiently and keep my creative juices flowing. Magazine Oragnization | Inspired by Charm for RedEnvelope I don’t know about you, but I’m a magazineaholic. Always on the hunt for inspiration and ideas, I have had multiple stacks of magazines in every room of my house. For the longest time, I found it so difficult to throw any magazines away. Being a creative professional, I felt it was necessary to have plenty of magazines within reach to either inspire or reference sources for my work. However, having piles of magazines throughout my home is not the most attractive option. Plus, I’ve come to the realization that I do not really need the November issue of Country Living from five years ago. So, here’s the system I came up with to cut down the magazine clutter and help make my magazines work for me. Magazine Oragnization | Inspired by Charm for RedEnvelope First, I cleared two shelves in my office and designated them for magazines. Each subscription has its specific location, and I’m only allowing myself to keep 12 issues / one year of each magazine. This serves several purposes. I can now easily find any magazine I need within seconds. Previously, I would have to hunt down issues all over the house. Going on this search was obviously time consuming and often broke my creative flow. This new system also allows me to keep the clutter to a minimum. Basically whenever a new issue comes into the house, an older issue has to go. Now the magazines look fabulous and organized on my shelves. (If you don’t have shelf space for your magazines, you could use baskets, an empty drawer, or the inside of a trunk / coffee table – anywhere you have room too keep things in order. ) Magazine Oragnization | Inspired by Charm for RedEnvelope To make this system work even harder for me, I also instituted the following procedure. When I’m reading a magazine I make sure to have a few sticky notes nearby. This way, I can mark inspiring articles or products I may want to reference later. If necessary, I make short notations on the sticky note so I can easily source information. Then, when it’s time to get rid of the magazine, I look through it again, paying extra attention to the pages I previously marked with a sticky note. Before I recycle / throw the issue away, I can pull out a page for my bulletin board or make a note on a file on my computer or a notebook referencing the idea, source, or product. If I really like the image, I take a picture of it with my phone and then post it to a board on my Pinterest page. This way I always have the idea or inspiration, but not the physical clutter. And it stays organized amid my other inspirational images on Pinterest. Magazine Oragnization | Inspired by Charm for RedEnvelope And that’s it, friends! A few simple tips for helping to organizing a magazine collection. What ideas do you have for staying organized this year?