Fishs Eddy ValetsFishs Eddy. It’s spread like wildfire. And ironically, it started with one.

In 1986, Husband and wife duo, Julie Gaines and Dave Lenovitz, took a ride through upstate New York searching for items to fill their newly opened store in NYC’s Gramercy Park. They found a farmer with an old barn that fell victim to fire. It was filled with restaurant plateware when it succumbed to the flames. And where the barn wasn’t so lucky, the plateware was—it survived the fire.

Expecting just to buy a few soot-slathered pieces and call it a day, Julie and Dave were instead offered to purchase the entire lot. Whether it was fate or the persuasive salesmanship of a farmer in overalls, Julie and Dave returned to NYC with the barn’s full bounty of wares. And what began as a random purchase became a major passion. After 27 years, they’re still putting their heart and soul into dishes. And onto them. People love their custom printed plates and keep dishing out praise.

Have a movie buff on your gift list? This admit one valet is just the ticket. It’ll serve up an ample amount of cinematic style with anything else they put on it. Or if irony is their bag, this while you were out valet could be their dish. When the food runs out, the plate’s humor is in full view. Put both together with a guest check appointment valet and they’ll enjoy a full selection of this eclectic collection.

Classic, yet classically off-kilter. Conservative, yet proudly left-of-center. Fishs Eddy is a melting pot of plateware. All styles are represented. But it’s especially known for its one-of-a-kind plates. For having ware with artistic flair. We’re proud to offer Fishs Eddy. And proud to be one of the few places you’ll find it in stock.