how to shop for your gentleman

More than an ideal from a bygone era, the values, style and refinement of being a gentleman live on today. Discover new gifts, collections and ideas designed to celebrate your modern gent. There are many facets to his man-ness, but any of these brilliant ideas are sure to make him shine.


the traveling manWe’ve all witnessed testosterone-fueled rounds of trunk Tetris, where every cubic inch of stow-and-go is gone. It begs the question—which came first, the love of travel or the love of packing for it? Regardless, the manly mantra for movement has always been: Everything a purpose and everything a place. Find all sorts of purpose-filled items to fill that special place in his life. Give him gear to clasp in the clutch when he’s inspired to get his move on. the sporting lifeHe might run a tough program, but a gentleman is only offensive in his plays. And that’s true whether they take place on a field or in a fantasy league. His fans might be hoards of screaming fellow enthusiasts or they might be a bunch of whirling blades keeping him cool on the couch. Regardless, if sports are his ballgame, get him sporting some sporty things. Champion a great sports gift that’ll be a winner in his book. the music loungeHe makes sound decisions. He has an eye for things pertaining to the ear. A gentleman loves harmony—and the things that make it are music to his melon. Why not play into his auditory obsession with a stereo or instrument accessory? Or perhaps get him some records and add volume to his vinyl collection? Whatever you choose, a musical gift will definitely rock his world.

the classic gentlemanA classic gentleman is groomed. Dressed to a tee and buttoned up from A to Z. He ages like wine and stays looking fine. Keep him well-equipped on the road to refinement with items that’ll have a hand in keeping him a head-turner. Ain’t no shame in upping his gentlemanly game. Give gifts with style as timeless as his and preserve his place as a dapper dude.