Occasionally, you’ll come across something which stops you in your tracks. Maybe it is an unexpected detail, a never-before-seen function, or a sleek design. But, the megaphone sound amplifier from en&is? Well, it features all of those track-stopping qualities in one elegant package. And it all started with two Italian designers who wanted to make a little magic, and not just another object.

Meet the Makers EN&IS

At first glance, the Italian design duo en&is might not seem to be the most likely creators of this mighty megaphone, but as you dig in to their backgrounds, it all starts to make sense. For nearly a decade, Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero have sought to create poetic objects with their own story to tell, and which bring joy and magic to every room, place and environment they end up in. Both Enrico and Isabella have a passion for design—his for interiors and hers for jewelry. The results of their love for beauty is this hand-crafted, non-electric, accoustic sound amplifier created from fired ceramic and finished with porcelain. With sound emission optimized by a wooden base which allows it to float clear of a surface, the megaphone not only turns up the volume on songs and calls from an iPhone, but fills a room with artistic harmony.

Making of the en&is microphone

We brought the megaphone with us to an event in Chicago, and it certainly made an impression.

“I had no idea at first this was a loudspeaker, and I just thought it was an impressive design object. Once we added an iPhone and amplified music from it I was completely blown away! I have never seen anything like this, and I would love to have it on my dining room to impress all of my dinner party guests!”