There are ingredients in your favorite dishes that make you clamor for more. Whether it is something as simple as cinnamon, or something a little more fancy like gouda cheese, there is always that one thing that takes a meal from good to great. But why just drink a beer with your meal, when you could include it?

Stove Top Beer Mac and Cheese


We all love mac and cheese. A staple on dinner tables since we were six, somehow we never lost our taste for it. However, while our taste was not lost it has certainly evolved. Instead of powdered cheese in a package we have here fresh cheddar, mixed with your choice of beer for a creamy feast. Check it out at The Beeroness.

Pumpkin Beer Waffles


Sometimes for breakfast, or for dinner, you just want some well toasted waffles drenched in syrup. This homemade edition uses the pumpkin beer (you could use a belgian wheat as well) to give them a light and yeasty flavor, meaning they won’t weigh you down. Check it out at HungryGirl por Vida.

Beer Battered Fish Tacos


This will give you the feeling of sitting on a picnic table overlooking the ocean. The coast is well represented in this recipe, and is perfect for the summer time fresh food cravings. Check it out at Edible Aria.

Fried Beer Battered Avocado


Attention to detail is crucial with this recipe, as it is important to get the batter just right so when you fry it, the avocados don’t turn into mush. The best part about this recipe? It only requires one cup of Upslope IPA, leaving the rest for you to enjoy while cooking or eating. Check it out at Porch Drinking.

Black and Tan Brownies


On the sweet side, this brownie recipe includes beer in the brownie mix, as well as the frosting. It is called a “black and tan” because of the mixture of two different beers: Guinness for the brownie and Sierra Nevada for the frosting. When combined, they make a delectable treat good anytime. Check it out at Baker by Nature.

Lambic Beer Popsicles


Refreshing and flavorful, with just a little hint of sour, the lambic beer provides a little extra kick to the ordinary summer popsicle. When mixed with chopped cherries, it freezes easily for a hydrating treat. Check it out at A Cozy Kitchen.

BeerBQ Beef Ribs


The mouthwatering, fall of the bone, irresistible deliciousness of this recipe is too good to ignore. Using a fine amber ale, combined with chipotle peppers and orange marmalade, this dish requires a little extra effort, but is well worth it. Check it out at Karl Strauss.

Beer Cheese Dip


Beer, cheese and chips. Sounds like a winning combination, especially when the beer is mixed with the cheese. This recipe recommends using a dark beer, stirred to remove the carbonation. You can even add more than the suggested 18 ounces should the dip end up too thick. Check it out at The Hungry Housewife.

Steak, Mushroom and Guinness Pie


It may sound like an odd combination, but this dish is a perfect mix of ingredients that will delight the taste buds. The thick stout of the Guinness will add a creamy texture to this perfect-for-football recipe. Check it out at Mimi Thorisson.

Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken


This is a sandwich to be desired. The recipe recommends using a thinner barbecue sauce so that the thickness of the amber beer is well complemented. The sweet and savory sauce will enhance the flavor ten-fold. Check it out at How Sweet It Is.

Bourbon County Stout Pancakes


This beer, made by Goose Island, is one of the best beers you can get your hands on, but the good thing is that the recipe only requires two ounces. Another good thing is that any stout will do, and it’s the perfect substitute for milk in the batter. Check it out at Fresh and Foodie.

Chocolate Stout Ice Cream Sandwich


So much to love in one recipe you’re not sure your stomach can handle it all. Just kidding, it totally can. The chocolate stout is mixed into the ice cream and the whoopie pies for a delectable treat. Check it out at Food Republic.

Honey and Beer Bundt Cake


If you enjoy the sensation of the autumn season dancing around in your mouth, then this dish is for you. The combination of cinnamon, brown sugar and Sam Adam’s Christmas Ale provides a hearty and flavorful dessert. Check it out at All That’s Left Are the Crumbs.

Beer Brats


No tailgate or grilling session would be complete without some brats on the charcoal. The brats are soaked in a lager, scallions and garlic broth for ten minutes so it can infiltrate its way into the brat for maximum tastiness. Check it out at La Buena Vida.

Coconut Beer Battered Shrimp


This seafood staple is relatively simple to make for yourself as well. This recipe, which would go very well with any Fourth of July festivities you may be hosting, uses a half a cup of dark beer in its batter. Check it out at Victor’s Food.

Beer Can Chicken


This easy to make and scrumptious recipe is fool proof when looking to satisfy an appetite. One can of the beer of your choice will turn this simple chicken dish into a bevy of flavor. Check it out at The Meat House Blog.

Orchard Ale Cupcakes


Whether dipped in peanut butter or in a pie, you can never go wrong with apple. Orchard Ale is brewed with fresh, crisp apples and will give these cupcakes a tart and sweet taste. Check it out at Flying Dog Brewery.

Cheddar Beer Bread


This bread could be a meal unto itself, as the shredded cheddar, onion and the 24 ounces of beer this recipe calls for provides for a hearty slice. It recommends using a lighter beer, so as not to make it taste bitter. Check it out at Juanita’s Cocina.

Mushroom Risotto


Risotto is normally made with white wine, but this recipe breaks from the ordinary by subbing that out with beer. You can use as much or as little as you please, but it suggests that you use just a little so that it mixes well with all the other ingredients. Check it out at Whisk and Knife.

Beer Muffins


If ever there were an excuse to have beer for breakfast, this would be it. Use your favorite a light beer to give the recipe an extra punch. Check it out at After Hours Blog.

blaze your own beer trail

While there may be some beers in these recipes that aren’t widely available, craft beer enthusiasts will enjoy experimenting with their local brewery’s concoction to create their own delicious meal.

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