From garnets in January to diamonds in April, birthstones dazzle each month as the perfect gift for birthdays or to signify someone you hold close to your heart. But these brilliant gems are more than just extraordinary color and shine.

Each gemstone comes with its own set of unique personality traits, historical lore and rumored healing powers. Discover the meaning behind your birthstone.


January Birthstone GarnetJanuary | Garnet

While typically associated with a deep burgundy shade, garnets actually exist in colors from orange to green. The gem signifies deep trust and eternal friendship


February Birthstone - AmethystFebruary | Amethyst

The deep violet amethyst was a symbol of royalty to the English during the Middle Ages and still conjures up a regal air today. Wearing amethyst is said to keep you quick-witted and clear-headed.


March Birthstone - AquamarineMarch | Aquamarine

It’s no surprise that aquamarine is commonly associated with the sea. The cool blue gemstone brings calm and serenity. Sailors even believed the stone would ensure a safe voyage.


April Birthstone - DiamondApril | Diamond

By far the most famous of all gemstones, diamonds are prized for their beauty and rarity. They symbolize eternal love and are thought to bring the wearer clarity and balance in everyday life.


May Birthday - EmeraldMay | Emerald

More than just the color of a fictional city in The Wizard of Oz, emerald as a gemstone is the symbolic of good fortune, rebirth and youth. Emerald is derived from a Greek word meaning green.


June Birthstone - PearlJune | Pearl

Pearls are the only gemstones derived from a living sea creature, a pearl oyster or other mollusk. These natural beauties symbolize motherhood, purity and harmony.


July Birthstone RubyJuly | Ruby

You’re born in a good month when your gemstone is said to guarantee wealth, health and success in love. The magnificent red pigment is what makes this gem so prized.


August Birthstone - PeridotAugust | Peridot

In Hawaii, these bright yellow-green birthstones surface through volcanic eruptions. The peridot is said to contain healing properties and grant the wearer influence and power.


September Birthstone - SapphireSeptember | Sapphire

The celestial blue sapphire is a quiet beauty that evokes thoughts of the night sky and other heavenly connotations. This gemstone is said to enhance mental clarity and represent loyalty and devotion.


October Birthstone - OpalOctober | Opal

Believed to foster love and creativity, the iridescent colors of the opal are one of a kind. While we can’t attest to this, medieval Europeans thought the stone to possessed the power to make the wearer invisible.


Novmeber Birthstone - CitrineNovember | Citrine

The name of the stone is derived from the French for lemon. Positivity comes easy, as the Citrine is believed to dispel negative energy and bring happiness and cheer. And who doesn’t want that on their birthday.


December Birthstone - Blue TopazDecember | Blue Topaz

If you’re a writer born in December, you’re in luck. Blue topaz is said to enhance communication and concentration. As a bonus, it is also said to ensure a happy life and good fortune.



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