We started with a list of the top 250 ranked hotels on Tablet Hotels, a curator of boutique hotels. However, because Tablet is a relatively small site with only a few reviews per hotel, we found it not quite comprehensive enough to create a true ranking. So we included reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor and, when applicable, Booking.com, along with Tablet's reviews.

This gave us a new, more comprehensive score for each hotel, that allowed us to put together an objective, numbers driven list of the top 25 boutique hotels in the U.S.

Ready to get traveling? Let's get into our list of the best boutique hotels in America.


25. Inn at the Market: Seattle, WA

best-boutique-hotels-inn-at-the-marketPhoto via Inn at the Market Photo Gallery

If you’re looking for picturesque views you need not look further. This chic hotel has 70 rooms that offer sights of the downtown skyline, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. But even better than the rooms are the amenities: a roof top deck allows for 360 degree viewing of the city, along with relaxing deck chairs and local wines to savor as you gaze at the sunset.

Inn at the Market’s Review Score was 9.22/10. Read more about Inn at the Market on Tablet.

24. Trump International Hotel & Tower: Chicago, IL

best-boutique-hotels-trump-hotelPhoto via Trump Hotel, Facebook

Smack in the middle of downtown Chicago lies a home away from home for the sight-seers and the weary business travelers. Comfort is the name of the game here, as it provides a quiet place to rest at the end of a long day of exploring a beautiful, abeit noisy, city. The architecture is certainly one of a kind, and it’s only a block away from Michigan Ave. shopping.

Trump International Hotel’s Review Score was 9.22/10. Read more about Trump International Hotel at Tablet.

23. Talbott Hotel: Chicago, IL

best-boutique-hotels-talbott-hotelPhoto via Talbott Hotel, Facebook

Located on the other end of the Magnificent Mile, is close to everything you desire from the big city while giving the small city appeal. The quaint European style has been serving guests since the late 20s, and combines a unique elegance in a city full of bright lights and high-end appeal. They even allow your canine companion to experience the same.

Tablott Hotel’s Review Score was 9.24/10. Read more about Talbott Hotel at Tablet.

22. Milliken Creek Inn & Spa: Napa, CA

best-boutique-hotels-milliken-creekPhoto via Milliken Creek, Facebook

Tucked away in California’s wine country, this luxury escape serves gourmet breakfast every morning, and allows you the freedom to eat anywhere you please. Complimentary wine and cheese receptions, soothing hydrotherapy tubs and proximity to some of the areas best wineries let the guest enjoy their time here in whatever manner they so choose.

Milliken Creek’s Review Score was 9.24/10. Read more about Milliken Creek at Tablet.

21. Post Ranch Inn: Big Sur, CA

best-boutique-hotels-post-ranch-innPhoto via Post Ranch Inn, Facebook

When it comes to beauty, the kind nature makes is unbeatable. Located just off the Pacific Coast Highway and overlooking the vastness of the ocean, “breathtaking” doesn’t begin to describe the views. Post Ranch Inn is an expansive property that offers the privacy of your own house, with no shared walls. Each one is a unique guest experience that is sure to make you never want to leave.

Post Ranch Inn’s Review Score was 9.27/10. Read more about Post Ranch Inn at Tablet.

20. Montage Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach, CA

best-boutique-hotels-montage-lagunaPhoto via Montage Laguna Beach, Facebook

A colony of craftsman-style vacation rooms supply modern amenities with old-fashioned comfort. Marble bathrooms with plush bathrobes make every guest feel like a VIP. Take in pristine ocean views from your balcony, enjoy 18 holes of golf or Disneyland and shopping, as all are within close proximity.

Montage Laguna Beach’s Review Score was 9.28/10. Read more about Montage Laguna Beach at Tablet.

19. Andaz Maui at Wailea: Wailea, HI

best-boutique-hotels-andaz-mauiPhoto via Andaz Maui, Facebook

That warm, fuzzy feeling you get on the first day above 70 degrees after a harsh winter doesn’t even scratch the surface of the warmth felt here. And not just because you’re in Hawaii; four infinity pools, all with cocktail lounges, and white sand beaches to really sink your toes into will make you forget about everything else.

Andaz Maui’s Review Score was 9.28/10. Read more about Andaz Maui at Tablet.

18. Waldorf Astoria Chicago: Chicago, IL

best-boutique-hotels-waldorf-astoriaPhoto via Waldorf Astoria, Facebook

Here, the friendly staff seeks to provide the guest with everything they may need during their stay. From cribs, should you be a family traveling with a small child, to a concierge for a business traveler in a hurry and everything in between, one word will come to mind: convenience.

Waldorf Astoria’s Review Score was 9.28/10. Read more about Waldorf Astoria at Tablet.

17. Lumiere: Telluride, CO

best-boutique-hotels-lumierePhoto via Lumiere, Facebook

This is your home away from home, with better appliances and a host of attentive staff. Rooms have kitchenettes and oversized bathrooms; suites have fireplaces, subzero refrigerators and Wolf ranges. Though it’s more than the in-room amenities that make this comfortable lodge so homey. The friendly staff and luxurious amenities are enough to make you want to sign a long-term lease.

Lumiere’s Review Score was 9.3/10. Read more about Lumiere at Tablet.

16. Four Seasons Hotel: Las Vegas, NV

best-boutique-hotels-four-seasons-vegasPhoto via Four Seasons Hotel

Bright Light City looks even brighter when your room has windows twice as tall as you. But the view is only a small part of the experience here. Sleek room design and twice daily housekeeping will keep you feeling clean and fresh, no matter how much you sweat it out at the blackjack table.

Four Seasons’ Review Score Was 9.34/10. Read more about Four Seasons Hotel at Tablet.

15. Tivoli Lodge: Vail, CO

Tivoli LodgePhoto via Tivoli Lodge

Oversized rooms welcome guests at this Alpine-style lodge in Vail, Colorado. Despite the king-sized beds, soaking tubs and fireplaces, these rooms remain cozy due to the modern mountain furnishings with lots of wood and leather. Of course, Vail is an escape known for the snow and Tivoli doesn’t disappoint. The hotel is nestled n the heart of Vail Village with an easy commute to the slopes.

Tivoli Lodge’s Review Score was 9.34/10. Read more about Tivoli Lodge at Tablet.

14. 21c Museum Hotel: Louisville, KY

best-boutique-hotels-21c-louisvillePhoto via openbuildings.com

There aren’t many restaurants that can also claim status as an art museum, award winning restaurant and cultural civic center. But this one can. With all of those things rolled into one, it’s a wonder you would ever need to set foot outside the hotel. But just in case you want to, such sight-seeing as Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger factory is not far away.

21c Museum Hotel’s Review Score was 9.35/10. Read more about 21c Museum Hotel, Louisville at Tablet.

13. Calistoga Ranch: Calistoga, CA

best-boutique-hotels-calistoga-ranchPhoto via Calistoga Ranch, Facebook

Just beyond the wine country for which Napa is renowned, Calistoga Ranch offers guests a resort experience among the oak trees. Freestanding cottages made of rich hardwoods are the perfect place to shut out the world. Take a soak in the luxurious indoor-outdoor bathroom before heading out for a spa treatment or a stretch on the yoga deck. Everything here is about relaxation and luxury.

Calistoga Ranch’s Review Score was 9.36/10. Read more about Calistoga Ranch at Tablet.

12. Lake Placid Lodge: Lake Placid, NY

best-boutique-hotels-lake-placid-lodgePhoto via Lake Placid Lodge, Facebook

What can be more appealing than staying in a place where miracles have happened? Whether taking a relaxing summer vacation or enjoying the quiet solidarity the winter snows provide the Adirondacks, Lake Placid Lodge can accommodate to all your needs.

Lake Placid Lodge’s Review Score was 9.39/10. Read more about Lake Placid Lodge at Tablet.

11. 21c Museum Hotel: Cincinnati, OH

best-boutique-hotels-21c-cincinnatiPhoto via 21c Museum Hotel

You know the hotel is good if both of their locations make this list. Located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, consistency is a good descriptor here, as they stay right on par with their Louisville brethren by providing comfort and convenience to their guests.

21c Museum Hotel’s Review Score was 9.4/10. Read more about 21c Museum Hotel, Cincinnati at Tablet.

10. Spanish Garden Inn: Santa Barbara, CA

best-boutique-hotels-spanish-garden-innPhoto via Spanish Garden Inn

Treat yourself. That is the mindset at this quaint boutique. Effortless luxury awaits you as the Inn features complimentary breakfast and a heated outdoor pool. Guest services is prepared to acquiesce to your every (reasonable) request and they even have a DVD library from which to choose, so you can unwind at the end of the day.

Spanish Garden Inn’s Review Score was 9.41/10. Read more about Spanish Garden Inn at Tablet.

9. Amangiri: Canyon Point, UT

best-boutique-hotels-amangiriPhoto via Amangiri

No one would think to find a luxurious resort such as this so close the Grand Canyon and the desert that envelops it, but then you wouldn’t be thinking of Amangiri. The resort blends in with the surrounding landscape, and surrenders panoramic views of natural beauty like the Escalante National Monument. And just imagine the star-gazing when there isn’t another light within 100 miles.

Amangiri’s Review Score was 9.41/10. Read more about Amangiri at Tablet.

8. The Peninsula: Chicago, IL

best-boutique-hotels-peninsula-chicagoPhoto via the Peninsula

You don’t have to take a trip to China to visit the Far East; all it takes is a visit to the Midwest’s biggest city. The tradition of the culture is alive and well in this elegant hotel, which offers a dozen options on rooms to fit your specific needs, and even private instructions from the hotel’s head chef on Cantonese dim sum cooking techniques.

Peninsula’s Review Score was 9.42/10. Read more about the Peninsula at Tablet.

7. Hotel 1000: Seattle, WA

best-boutique-hotels-hotel-1000Photo via forouic.com

Nestled in the heart of downtown Emerald City, this distinctive hotel believes comfort is of the utmost importance. From spacious rooms that have temperature controls to adjust to your personal preference, to all of its amenities, such as a virtual reality golfing experience, Hotel 1000 adds fun to all that comfort as well.

Hotel 1000’s Review Score was 9.44/10. Read more about Hotel 1000 at Tablet.

6. Mandarin Oriental: Las Vegas, NV

best-boutique-hotels-mandarin-orientalPhoto via Mandarin Oriental, Facebook

Experience the over-the-top luxury of the Strip without walking through a casino to get to your room at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. A bit larger than most boutique hotels, the Mandarin Oriental is stylishly demure for Sin City and just the right size for guests looking to distance themselves from the endless hustle of the streets below.

Mandarin Oriental’s Review Score was 9.46/10. Read more about Mandarin Oriental at Tablet.

5. Bardessono: Yountville, CA

best-boutique-hotels-bardessonoPhoto via Bardessono

Bardessono is LEED Platinum certified hotel that doesn’t sacrifice luxury for sustainability. The win-country destination beautifully blends pinnacle accommodations with cutting-edge environmental design to show guests just how good living green can be. Enjoy farm-to-table dining and organic wine from the on-site vineyard.

Bardessono’s Review Score was 9.47/10. Read more about Bardessono at Tablet.

4. The Hermitage Hotel: Nashville, TN

best-boutique-hotels-hermitagePhoto via the Hermitage Hotel, Facebook

Opening in 1910, this historic boutique has grown right along with the city of Nashville. Southern hospitality really shines through their exemplary service, and their commitment to your satisfaction shows in their rooms. Clean, spacious and recently renovated, this hotel is in the middle of downtown Nashville and fulfills all of your traveling needs.

Hermitage Hotel’s Review Score was 9.48/10. Read more about the Hermitage Hotel at Tablet.

3. The Roxbury: Roxbury, NY

best-boutique-hotels-roxburyPhoto via darngooddigs.com

Themed accommodations are just one reason to put the Roxbury on your rotating list of favorite places to stay. Experiential travel ascends to new heights for guests who stay in rooms like The Shagadellic (a 60s-inspired room with bold colors and a zebra-print couch) or The Archaeologist’s Digs (a suite complete with hidden passageways and saltwater fish tank in the shower).

The Roxbury’s Review Score was 9.56/10. Read more about the Roxbury at Tablet.

2. Kimber Modern: Austin, TX

best-boutique-hotels-kimber-modernPhoto via Kimber Modern

Urban travelers will love this hip Austin hotel. It’s ultramodern aesthetic combines elements from nature with geometric architecture for a Zen-like escape in the middle of downtown’s eclectic South Congress district. It’s a perfect gallery to showcase local artists and accessories from international designers.

Kimber Modern’s Review Score was 9.84/10. Read more about Kimber Modern at Tablet.

1. Stonehurst Place Bed & Breakfast: Atlanta, GA

Stonehurst PlacePhoto via Stonehurst Place

Tired of choosing between charm and a place to charge your cellphone? Atlanta’s Stonehurst Place, a 19th-century mansion updated with amenities to satisfy tech-hungry travelers, has it all. Explore the romance and elegance of the South in the city where Gone With The Wind was written. The bed-and-breakfast’s sizable rooms and suites balance original details with contemporary furnishings and museum-quality art.

Stonehurst Place’s Review Score was 9.88/10. Read more about Stonehurst Place Bed & Breakfast at Tablet.

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