I’m always looking for fun ideas for summer entertaining. With so many craft breweries popping up around the country and lots of fun beer tasting accessories on the market, today I thought I’d present a few ideas for hosting a beer tasting party. Plus, I’m going to share a recipe for my Summer Cherry Baked Brie, which is the perfect addition to any tasting party.

Beer Tasting // Baked Brie | Inspired by Charm for Red Envelope

For a great Beer Tasting Party, here’s what to do:

Invite some friends. Even though you may want to ask all of your friends and family, a smaller group is recommend for a tasting party. I’d say a maximum of 10 people. Create a memorable way to invite your guests. If you’re planning a guys’ night, you might send them a basket filled with a couple beers, glasses, and some manly essentials to prepare themselves for the party.

Beer Tasting // Baked Brie | Inspired by Charm for Red Envelope

Grab some brews. Select three to five different specialty beers.You can try completely different beers or sample multiple brews from one brewery. I recommend a nice mix of lagers, ales, and specialty beers.

Get yourself some tasting glasses. I love this beer stein set. However, you could use something as simple as half-pint mason jars or get extra fancy with some personalized barware. You might even whip up a fun beer tasting board. (If you decide to get extra fancy, you should also check out this guide for pairing beer with the correct glassware!)

Beer Tasting // Baked Brie | Inspired by Charm for Red Envelope

Add a little decor. Go wild or keep it simple. Whatever works for you. However, one nice and appropriate element for your decor could be chalkboard table runners made of sheets of craft paper. This helps for making notes on the table. Gingham or plaid table linens work well for this style of party. These personalized beer tasting kitchen towels are a favorite of mine.

Beer Tasting // Baked Brie | Inspired by Charm for Red Envelope

A place to take some notes. Whether it is a custom tasting sheet or a small notebook, give your guests a place to write down which beers they like and why they like them.

Beer Tasting // Baked Brie | Inspired by Charm for Red Envelope

A delicious snack. Finger foods are perfect for beer tasting parties. Pretzels, cheese crackers, and peanuts are fun and easy to set around the tables. However, as with any party, I like to have at least one big main dish. This Summer Cherry Baked Brie is one of my favorites, and it’s so simple to make.

Beer Tasting // Baked Brie | Inspired by Charm for Red Envelope

Summer Cherry Baked Brie:
1 jar cherry preserves
1 can crescent roll dough
Brie cheese (4-6 ounce wheel)

Crackers (for serving)

Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees F.

On a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat or parchment paper, roll out the crescent dough. Pinch together all perforated seams.

Spread your preserves over the dough. Use as much as you like.

Place the brie in the middle of the dough and carefully wrap the brie with the dough, crimping the edges to keep the dough in place.

Bake for about 15 minutes or until the dough begins to brown. When finished, transfer to a serving dish. Serve warm with crackers.

An easy and delicious treat! And don’t forget to serve it up in this glass dome serving tray.


Drink responsibly. Have a designated driver for the group, limit your sample sizes, or tell your guests to bring their sleeping bags.

Beyond that, just have fun with it. It’s hard to have a party centered around beer and not have a good time, right? Turn on tunes you love and enjoy the evening with your friends. And, just in case you’re looking for one more person to add to the invite list – you know I love a party!


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