In many cultures eggs are a symbol of fertility and rebirth that far predate the Easter holiday. As tokens of springtime rituals, breathtaking artistry has evolved around decorated eggs. Techniques such as carving, engraving, batik and applique result in intricate designs worth millions of dollars.

Inspired by centuries of amazing art, these modern decorating techniques will help you create gorgeous Easter eggs worthy of gifting to family and friends.

Dip-Dyed Eggs

Neon Dyed Easter Eggs

Dip-dyeing eggs is a classic egg decorating technique. These inspired designs modernize the process with trendy colors and fantastic textures. For eye-catching eggs, skip the PAAS dye pack in favor of super bright food coloring. Add a subtle pattern to your color by wrapping the eggs in fabric before dipping.

Neon Dipped Easter Eggs

Subtle Pattern Easter Eggs

Hand-drawn Techniques

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Hand-drawn designs may be reminiscent of Ukraine’s prized pysanky, but their whimsical imperfections are more suited for Easter games. They’ll look great on a shelf as decoration, and then you can hide them for an egg hunt without worrying about what might break. Recreate your hand-drawn eggs using paint pens, chalk, fine-point pens or acrylic paint.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs


Psyanky Easter Eggs

Sketched Egg Designs

Marble Easter Eggs

Marble Easter Eggs

The swirls of color on these marble-decorated eggs are endlessly interesting. Add a few drops of oil when using the dip-dye technique, or experiment with other mediums such as nail polish.

Marble Easter Eggs

Nail polish Easter Eggs

Gilded Eggs

Gilded Easter Eggs

Add some sparkle to your egg decorating tool kit. The luster of gilded eggs isn’t limited to gold. Try copper or silver foil for shine that stands out from the crowd.

Metallic Easter Eggs

Stamped Eggs

Stamped Name Easter Eggs

Stamps are a clever way to embellish dyed Easter eggs. Use them to add an inspirational phrase, personalize eggs with a name, or use a stamp to create an outline for painting by hand.

Stamped Easter Eggs

Stamped Easter Eggs

Stamped and Painted Easter Eggs

Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs with a watercolor effect is fun and much simpler than it looks. There are several different approaches that will result in a luscious coat of fluid color that is truly stunning. If you want the most artistic eggs on the block – in the least amount of time – this is the best decorating technique.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Botanical Eggs

Botanical Easter Eggs

Decorating with botanic ingredients will imbue Easter eggs with rustic charm. Gather a few leaves and flowers from the garden and attach them to the eggs before dip-dyeing as usual. For extra authenticity, use natural dyes like onion skins and purple cabbage.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Botanic Dyed Easter Eggs

Wrapped Eggs

Thread Wrapped Eggs

Rather not fuss with messy dyes? Embroidery thread comes in an array of bright color, which will match your Easter decor. Try out various types of thread to achieve different styles and transform a simple string-wrapped egg into an objet d’arte.

Twine Wrapped Eggs

Embroidery Wrapped Easter Eggs

Decoupage Eggs

Paper Decoupage Eggs

Decoupage is a useful decorating technique for blown eggs, as it will make fragile shells more durable. Any number of materials can be used to decoupage an egg: colorful tissue papers, paper napkins and scraps of pretty paper or fabric.

Napkin Decoupage Easter Egg

Fabric Wrapped Easter Eggs

Stickered Eggs

Black and White Rhinestone Eggs

If you want to simplify your egg decorating, it doesn’t get much easier than stickers. However, you don’t need to limit your designs to traditional stickers to get the benefits of peel-and-stick. Use a paper punch to cut out shapes and make custom stickers from washi tape. Add a little bling to your Easter basket with stick-on rhinestones.

Washi Tape Eggs

Get creative! Now is the perfect time to pick up a dozen miniature canvases and hatch a few artful egg ideas of your own. Follow us on Pinterest and browse more ideas for inspired living.