Necessity is the mother of invention. And that was certainly the case for inventive, entrepreneurial mother, Raegan Moya-Jones. After moving from her native Australia and settling in NYC, she brought with her a keen business sense and strong desire to raise her kids with the same nurturing she received by her mother and grandmother. Swaddling was a tradition that was practiced and passed down as far as she could remember. However, in Australia, babies were swaddled in muslin—a breathable fabric that allowed babies to be safely swaddled without being too hot or cold.

Finding herself a working mom in a new land, Raegan also found herself with a problem. She couldn’t find good swaddles. They were all wrong because they weren’t made with the right stuff. What was common in Australia, wasn’t common in America. No one was using the magic material—muslin.

Raegan knew babies swaddled in muslin were able to sleep safer, better and longer—increasing the harmony for both parents and child. It kept them just right, allowing babies to self-regulate their temperatures while imparting a feeling of comfort and security. All the other materials didn’t cut it. They undermined the swaddling experience. Raegan believed so strongly in the power of swaddling, but she was discouraged that she couldn’t find quality wraps. She was left with two options. Either she’d have to settle for the inferior, or make her own superior swaddles. The choice was clear. Despite being a busy full-time executive for a major corporation, she took the time to personally make swaddles for her kids the right way. With muslin. And she did it with style.

If it was right for her kids, it was right for other kids, too. The more baby friendly products she started making for her loved ones, the more other people noticed and wanted some for theirs. So she started selling her stylish, baby-friendly wares under the name Aden + Anais. And before Raegan knew it, her products were showing up in magazines, blogs, celebrity gift registries and stores all over.

Today, continuing in the belief that the absolute best baby products are those that are the absolutely best for baby, Aden + Anais is known for producing the finest in functional yet fashionable baby products. Pure, safe, gentle, comfortable. Designed to enhance the lives of babies and parents. The littlest ones are their biggest priority. So much so, they’ve even started the Swaddle Love Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to equip orphaned infants with loving nurturers so they are less likely to fall victim to touch deprivation.

Aden + Anais is out to change the world, one piece of muslin at a time. And whether it’s swaddles, a dream blanket, classic sleeping bag or a skin care gift set—we’ve got you covered with all their best for covering baby. Have a loved one with a beloved bundle? Give a gift you can feel good about in every way. Give Aden + Anais.